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As true partners and creative problem solvers, we ensure that each of our services lead to your satisfaction and success. Check out the services we offer below. Be sure to get in touch with any one of our team members for any additional information.


X.Wynn Films prides itself on capturing footage to tell compeling stories to everyone across the world.  Through this service, you can expect us to capture every element of the event from start to finish.


X.Wynn Films prides itself on creating the best content available to the client. Through this service, we take all footage and pictures and create it into a wonderful video to share with the world.


X.Wynn Films prides itself on creating professional photographic services for all clients.  Through this service, you can expect us to capture those special moments that will last a life time. 


Our Clients

X.Wynn Films has proven success working with each client to visualize the brand story and create compelling visual content. Take a look at our featured clients below.

Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Church

Christ Tabernacle Apostolic (CT) Church came into being through a vision of it’s founder and pastor, Dr. James L. Harding, Sr., in October 1959. Elder Harding, along with his family, began with prayer and service in their home. With the blessings of the Lord, the group began to grow, and eventually evolved into Sunday School and preaching.

Forever Kings

We exist to challenge the social norms, explicit biases, and stigmas associated with Boys and Young Men of Color in grades second - twelfth.

Pleasant Ridge Montessori

PRM offers every neighborhood child a quality Montessori education, collaborating with community Partners in a peaceful and environmentally-conscious setting, which nurtures a lifelong love of learning.


SoulSister Sunday is a social gathering where all the sisters of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sister, Inc.  gather together in their area to support, share, fellowship and pray with each other.


Established in 2006, StrivePartnership is a collective impact organization that is comprised of leaders from the education, business, philanthropic, nonprofit, civic and grassroots communities in Cincinnati. These leaders all believe in the importance of education and the power of working together to transform systems of education for every child, from cradle to career.


BRIDEface has been one of the most highly sought after bridal artistry teams in Cincinnati since 2005. We set up a virtual makeup studio at your location on the most highly photographed day of your life and make you look and feel like a celebrity.

Community Happens Here

This  programming has one primary function. It seeks to create ways for  people to connect over social difference. It tries to soften and break  through the invisible walls we have between people of different social  and economic situations. We need to do more than nod to each other as we  pass in the street or sit in the same row at a children’s choir  concert.


"Thank you so much for your professionalism and the wonderful video for my dog walking business. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated."

~ Dawn H.

"Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Church had the opportunity to work with Mr. Wynn and his team for our Virtual VBS Project. Mr. Wynn was professional, timely and efficient in his work. We were very pleased with the project and Mr. Wynn went above and beyond to meet our deadline. We highly recommend X.Wynn Films and look forward to working with him in the future!"

~ Kelsey E.

"Provided timely and professional services for our project. Captured the story that we wanted to tell. Most definitely will enlist his services for future projects."

~ Marina H.

"What’s up man this is Brian. I just wanted to thank you for the video of Dani and I’s baby shower. The video was dope good job"

~ Brian A.

"Thanks for being so professional today. We can’t wait to see the final product!!"

"AMAZING, per usual!!"

~Majestic Generation Christian Dance Team

"Hi Xander! Thanks for sharing your talents with my sister and nephew. Your photos were incredible as always. Thanks for doing such an amazing job! "

~Erica A.

"Omg they are beautiful 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you so much"

~Kaitlynn B.